Maybe I should actually put something here. Hi I'm Golbat. I'm genderqueer, 22, aromantic asexual. I like Pokemon and art and video games. but mostly Pokemon. My top 5 Pokemon are, in no order, Golbat, Drifblim, Giratina, Noivern, and Scolipede.

Oh hey I'm poor and do commissions sometimes but I'm gonna stick this here anyway. My paypal is

Also no I did not kill anyone for this url. The original owner of it graciously gave it to me and I cried. You are not funny vwv

TSV: 3991


  1. fancehakay47 said: ayyyyye babeh YES
  2. exousiai said: that’s what you get for being a hot noiz. only thing left to do is become a shiny noibat and call yourself noizbat.
  3. djavjr said: hey handsome ;)
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