Maybe I should actually put something here. Hi I'm Golbat. I'm genderqueer, 22, aromantic asexual. I like Pokemon and art and video games. but mostly Pokemon. My top 5 Pokemon are, in no order, Golbat, Drifblim, Giratina, Noivern, and Scolipede.

Oh hey I'm poor and do commissions sometimes but I'm gonna stick this here anyway. My paypal is

Also no I did not kill anyone for this url. The original owner of it graciously gave it to me and I cried. You are not funny vwv

TSV: 3991


And the movie still isn’t subbed AAAAAAAAAAAAUGH

What the fuck. How did I finish the episode already. Impossible I just started it like two seconds ago

Oh hey, it’s the guy who we haven’t seen since the fucking auction arc you piece of poopoo



I just bought 90 Rare Candies in the Pokemilage Club

I just realized that when you’re inactive for a tiny bit on Pokemonamie with Woobat, he constantly kisses the screen with his nose <3