Maybe I should actually put something here. Hi I'm Golbat. I'm genderqueer, 22, aromantic asexual. I like Pokemon and art and video games. but mostly Pokemon. My top 5 Pokemon are, in no order, Golbat, Drifblim, Giratina, Noivern, and Scolipede.

Oh hey I'm poor and do commissions sometimes but I'm gonna stick this here anyway. My paypal is

Also no I did not kill anyone for this url. The original owner of it graciously gave it to me and I cried. You are not funny vwv

TSV: 3991



Pokemon Landyards: 

Why the fuck don’t they have a Bulbasaur one though. It pisses me off.


I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs



Pokemon Bootlegs: Part 1.

I discovered these at my local Japan import shop and had to share them. I’m glad they were in bags, but that doesn’t make the possible lead poisoning from them any less scarier. To me, at least.

The combined terrifying factor of that bootleg Patrat is going to make the world implode.

I have that bootleg Pignite

Anybody have a shiny male Espurr? Will trade for shiny Whismer or shiny Vanillite :O

Killua and Alluka are so cute! ahhh

Go Killua, you show them who is boss.

Hunter x Hunter time!!!!!!!!